Partnership FTCAP and Richardson Electronics

FTCAP has entered into a global sales partnership with the US company Richardson Electronics, Ltd. As a result, FTCAP capacitors are now available to an even larger range of customers.

The partnership with Richardson Electronics, Ltd., a worldwide leading supplier of electronic devices, power electronics, as well as RF and microwave components, is a major opportunity for FTCAP. “FTCAP is an established and reliable manufacturer of capacitors which among others is characterized by a distinctive innovative spirit.  

The partnership will allow us to meet the requirements of our customers even better in the future,” says Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President of Richardson Electronics’ Power & Microwave Technologies Group. 

Dr. Thomas Ebel, Managing Director of FTCAP, is likewise pleased about the new partnership: “The global network of Richardson Electronics will make our technologies, products and services available to an even larger range of customers.” 

More information: FTCAP