MEAN WELL Unveils the LCM25KN Completing the LED Driver Series

December 20, 2019 by EE Power Editorial

MEAN WELL Unveils the LCM-25KN, Completing the LED Driver Series.

MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. In order to enlarge KNX product variety to meet the needs of end customers and system integrators, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the LCM-25KN to complete the product series after the launching of LCM-40/60KN to the market.
LCM-25KN series is a 25W AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver featuring the multiple levels selectable by dip switch and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway. This series operates from 180~277VAC and offers different current levels ranging between 350mA and 1050mA. Thanks to the high efficiency of up to 85% with the fanless design, the entire series is able to operate for -30°C ~85°C case temperature under free air convection. In addition, LCM-25KN is equipped with an independent push-button interface, operation hours, power consumption feedback, constant light output function, and synchronization so as to provide the optimal design flexibility for an LED lighting system.



  • Constant Current mode output with multiple levels selectable by dipswitch
  • Flicker-free design
  • KNX/EIB protocol
  • Support emergency lighting (EL)
  • Integrated constant light output
  • Integrated  independent  KNX push-button interface
  • Synchronization up to 10 units.
  • Functions: Manual dim, operation hours, power consumption feedback, log/linear curve selection…etc
  • 3 years warranty