MEAN WELL Introduces KNX LED Driver PWM60120KN

January 22, 2020 by EE Power Editorial

MEAN WELL Introduces KNX LED Driver PWM-60/120KN.

MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply manufacturer continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. In order to enlarge KNX product variety to meet the needs of end customers and system integrators, MEAN WELL continues to unveil the KNX LED driver PWM-60/120KN to the market.

PWM-KN series is an AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant voltage mode with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the color temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway.

  • Direct KNX control protocol
  • Single-channel & constant voltage PWM style output with user-changeable frequency up to 4KHz
  • 60Watt or 120Watt models
  • No need KNX-DALI gateway nor external KNX dimmer
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