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Testing Batteries for e-mobility

February 20, 2017 by Batteryuniversity

This article introduces Battteryuniversity's new test benches for the future of battery testing in the field of electric mobility

With Batteryuniversity GmbH’s (BU) new test benches, large batteries for electric cars or electric forklifts can be tested as of December. “BU has invested €1.4 million in the new devices. It is therefore well-positioned for the future of battery testing in the field of electric mobility,” says Sven Bauer, Managing Director of Batteryuniversity GmbH.


Shaker and vacuum chamber for standard compliance and development testing: BU’s new 120 kilonewton shaker can be loaded with a weight of 800 kilograms and can test random profiles, sine sweep, superimposed sine and shock impulses. The head expander and the sliding table of the shaker have mounting dimensions of 1.5 x 1.5 metres. The frequency can be set between 5 and 2500 hertz.

In addition, a low-pressure chamber with a size of 8 x 3 x 3 metres was installed, allowing for the testing of huge battery units or other components. Via the control unit, different low pressure profiles of up to 1 millibar can be programmed. “With the new test benches, we are expanding BU’s services for our customers in the automotive sector. With the shaker and the low-pressure chamber, we can also test components from the aerospace sector,“ says the head of Batteryuniversity GmbH, Dr. Jochen Mähliß.


Special battery test circuits: The BU offers electrical testing of large battery units during the development process or according to the specifications of the respective standard. Using special battery test circuits, battery units of up to 850 V and 1200 A can be charged and discharged. The maximum power is 350 kilowatts. Four “smaller” battery circuits can also be interconnected to achieve 2400 amperes and 120 volts.

The BU is an accredited testing laboratory for battery tests and environmental tests and examines the quality and safety of products. In addition, BU offers a wide range of training for battery developers and users, project and product managers as well as purchasing and logistics specialists.


About Batteryuniversity

Batteryuniversity GmbH was founded in early 2008 and have set on the task of supporting manufacturers, developers and users of batteries in their daily work with extensive specialist information and individual services. Batteryuniversity GmbH focuses on the implementation of standards-based or customer-specific test series in its own laboratory, technical analyzes, general advice on standards and the organization of in-house training courses, seminars and expert forums. With the test benches from Batteryuniversity GmbH, large batteries in the field of electromobility such as electric cars or electric forklifts can be tested.