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ROHM Introduces New 4Pin Package SiC Mosfets

October 10, 2019 by ROHM

This article highlights ROHM Semiconductors RV4xxx series development of ultra-compact 1.6x1.6mm size MOSFETs that deliver superior mounting reliability.

Up to 35% lower switching loss over conventional packages reduces device power consumption

ROHM today announced the availability of six new trench gate structure SiC MOSFETs (650V/1200V), the SCT3xxx xR series, ideal for server power supplies, UPS systems, solar power inverters, and EV charging stations requiring high efficiency.

The SCT3xxx xR series utilizes a 4-pin package (TO-247-4L) that maximizes switching performance, making it possible to reduce switching loss by up to 35% over conventional 3-pin package types (TO-247N). This contributes to lower power consumption in a variety of applications.

In recent years, the growing need for cloud services due to the proliferation of AI and IoT has increased the demand for data centers worldwide. But for servers used in data centers, one major challenge is how to reduce power consumption as capacity and performance increase. At the same time, SiC devices are attracting attention due to their smaller loss over mainstream silicon devices in the power conversion circuits of servers. Furthermore, as the TO-247-4L package enables to reduce switching loss over conventional packages, it is expected to be adopted in high output applications such as servers, base stations, and solar power generation.

In 2015 ROHM became the first supplier to successfully mass-produce trench-type SiC MOSFETs and continues to lead the industry in product development. In addition to these newest 650V/1200V high-efficiency SiC MOSFETs, we are committed to developing innovative devices and propose solutions that contribute to lower power consumption in a variety of devices, including gate driver ICs, optimized for SiC drive.

ROHM also proposes solutions that facilitate application evaluation, including a SiC MOSFET evaluation board, P02SCT3040KR-EVK-001, equipped with gate driver ICs (BM6101FV-C) along with multiple power supply ICs and discrete components optimized for SiC device drive. This new series of SiC MOSFETs and the evaluation board are now available for purchase.


Switching Loss Comparison of SiC MOSFET


The new series of SiC MOSFETs

Availability: Now


Key Advantages

4-Pin package (TO-247-4L) reduces switching loss by up to 35%

With conventional 3-pin packages (TO-247N), the effective gate voltage at the chip reduces due to the voltage dropped across the parasitic inductance of the source terminal. This causes the switching speed to reduce. Adopting the 4-pin TO-247-4L package separates the driver and power source pins, minimizing the effects of the parasitic inductance component. This makes it possible to maximize the switching speed of SiC MOSFETs, reducing total switching loss (turn ON and turn OFF) by up to 35% over a conventional packages.


Structural Comparison in SiC MOSFET: TO-247N vs TO-247-4L

High-speed switching reduces loss (TO-247N vs TO-247-4L)



The SCT3xxx xR series consists of SiC MOSFETs utilizing a trench gate structure. Six models are offered, featuring a breakdown voltage of either 650V (3 products) or 1200V (3 products).

Part No. Drain-Source Voltage VDS [V] Drain-Source ON Resistance RDS(ON)@25ºC [mΩ(typ.)] Drain Current ID@25ºC [A] Drain Loss PD [W] Operating Temperature Range [ºC] Package
SCT3030ARNEW 650 30 70 262 -55 to +175 TO-247-4L
SCT3060ARNEW 650 60 39 165 -55 to +175 TO-247-4L
SCT3080ARNEW 650 80 30 134 -55 to +175 TO-247-4L
SCT3040KRNEW 1200 40 55 262 -55 to +175 TO-247-4L
SCT3080KRNEW 1200 80 31 165 -55 to +175 TO-247-4L
SCT30105KRNEW 1200 105 24 134 -55 to +175 TO-247-4L



UPS Systems, Solar Power Inverters, Power Storage Systems, EV Charging Stations, Power Supply for Server Farms and Base Stations and more.


Evaluation Board

ROHM's SiC MOSFET evaluation board (P02SCT3040KR-EVK-001) is equipped with our gate driver ICs (BM6101FV-C) optimized for driving SiC devices along with multiple power supply ICs and additional discrete components that facilitate application evaluation and development. Compatibility with both the TO-247-4L and TO-247N package types enables the evaluation of both packages under the same conditions. The board can be used for double pulse testing as well as the evaluation of components in boost circuits, 2-level inverters, and synchronous rectification buck circuits.

Evaluation Board Part No: P02SCT3040KR-EVK-001
Support Page: Power Device Support link


Evaluation Board Configuration




Trench Gate Structure

The word ‘trench’ means a narrow excavation or groove. This design involves forming a groove on the chip surface and the gate on the MOSFET sidewall. No JFET resistance exists on a planar-type MOSFET configuration, making it possible to achieve a finer structure over planar topologies resulting in an ON resistance close to the original performance of the SiC material.


Inductance Component

The amount of electromotive force generated due to electromagnetic induction when changing the current.


About ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM was established in Kyoto in 1958 as initially a manufacturer of small electronic components. In 1967 production was expanded to include transistors and diodes, and in 1969 ICs and other semiconductor products were added to the lineup. Two years later (in 1971), going against conventional Japanese business culture, the company entered the US market by establishing a sales office and IC design center in Silicon Valley. Through the hard work and passionate dedication of its young workforce, business flourished, causing the industry to take notice. ROHM's expansion overseas soon became a template for other companies and eventually was accepted as common business practice.