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R78HB Switching Regulators Extend Efficiency Advantages in BatteryPowered Applications

January 01, 2016 by RECOM

The extended 9V-48V input range of the latest RECOM R-78HB switching regulators, now available from Dengrove Electronic Components

The extended 9V-48V input range of the latest RECOM R-78HB switching regulators, now available from Dengrove Electronic Components, allow appliances to run for longer from a standard 12V, 24V or 36V battery by utilising all of the battery’s stored energy.

As well as their super-wide input range, the R-78HB regulators also maintain high efficiency of up to 93%, with quiescent current of only 5mA maximum they can run heatsink-free to save cost, size and complexity. With short-circuit, protection, input filter and a protective diode for powering highly capacitive loads built-in, the modules are self-contained and require no additional external components.

Two versions are available the 5.0V and 12V single output. The R-78HB5.0-0.5/W and R-78HB12-0.5/W are ideal for supplying up to 0.5A to a wide variety of industrial or aerospace applications or to provide an auxiliary constant voltage from a constant-current LED driver. 



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