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MaxPower Introduces Innovative Series of Sub-Logic-Level Power Transistors

August 07, 2019 by MaxPower

MaxPower Semiconductor has developed a new family of power transistors that also switch at a sub-logic level.

MOSFETs that can reliably handle high currents at ultra-low threshold voltages are rare. MaxPower Semiconductor Inc., manufacturer of innovative power semiconductors and strategic partner of Finepower, has developed a new family of power transistors that also switch at a sub-logic level.

The first product of Shielded Field Plated Trench MOSFETs™, or SFPMOS™ for short, has a rated on-state resistance Rds(on) of just 4 mOhms at a gate voltage of U_GS = 1V. The breakdown voltage U_BR is 40 V. Below this threshold, leakage currents over a wide temperature range are extremely low. At an operating temperature of 25 °C, they are well below 1 Microampere and rise to only 1 mA at 150 °C. SFPMOS™ are therefore particularly suitable for use in mobile devices or wherever long battery life is important.

The SFPMOS ™ series consists of power transistors with breakdown voltages from 8 V to 200 V. They are available in a variety of packages, including SC-75 / SOT-416, PQFN 3x3 and PQFN 5x6.


About MaxPower

MaxPower Semiconductor Inc., based in San Jose, California, develops and supplies a wide range of discrete power semiconductors. The development and management team of globally recognized experts ensures that MaxPower always offers its customers innovative products featuring state-of-the-art technology.


About Finepower

Finepower is an internationally active development and sales company focusing on applications in modern power electronics. Since 2001 Finepower has been acting as a competent partner for its customers and suppliers worldwide. With subsidiaries in Germany and China, Finepower is the local contact for the European and Asian market.

As a distributor, the company cooperates internationally with partners for a wide range of products and systems, in particular power semiconductors, fans and heat sinks, passive components as well as complete power supplies and DC/DC converters.

In the Finepower Engineering team, experienced engineers develop hardware and software solutions for innovative power electronic systems. Finepower's development division offers individual solutions for electrical energy conversion, e.g., for the supply of renewable energy sources, battery charging for electric cars with or without cables, adaptation of different voltage levels in vehicles or the supply of industrial automation systems.

As a company, Finepower supports its customers in accelerating their development processes and thus creates the best conditions for a clear lead in the market.