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Magnetically Shielded Power Inductors Offered in High Inductance and High Isat Versions

May 01, 2015 by Coilcraft

Coilcraft’s XAL15xx Family of rugged, magnetically-shielded power inductors are offered in two versions – one providing saturation current ratings up to 111 Amps and the other offering inductance values as high as 33 µH – delivering the highest levels of performance in the smallest possible space. 

The XAL1510 Series offers a unique combination of high inductance values (up to 33 µH) and current rating as high as 39.0 Amps, all in a compact package that measures just 15.4 X 16.4 mm and has a maximum height of 11.0 mm. For even higher current applications, the XAL1580 Series offers Isat ratings up to 111 Amps, with a 15.2 X 16.2 mm footprint and maximum height of 8.2 mm. 

Both series offer very low DCR – down to 0.70 mOhms for the XAL1580 – and their soft saturation characteristics make them ideal for VRM/VRD applications. They feature RoHS compliant tin-silver (96.5/3.5) over copper terminations and offer a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C. And like all Coilcraft XAL/XFL  inductors, the XAL1510 and XAL1580 Series feature a proprietary composite core that is not subject to thermal aging issues associated with other iron powder core inductors.


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