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Industrys First 18V MultiChannel Synchronous Buck Converter with PMBus Digital Interface

May 01, 2015 by EE Power Editorial

This article introduces Texas Instruments' four-channel buck DC-DC converter with PMBus/I2C digital interface for space-constrained application.

Texas Instruments introduced a four-channel buck DC/DC converter with PMBus/I2C digital interface for applications in space-constrained equipment that experience high ambient operating temperature with-out cooling, such as small cell base stations, infotainment and solid state devices. The TPS65400 dual- or quad-output configurable DC/DC converter integrates eight power MOSFETs and features industry-leading efficiency at up to 95-percent in the smallest footprint. For more information, samples and an evaluation module, visit 




The TPS65400 includes four high-current synchronous buck switch-ing regulators with integrated MOSFETs. Each switching converter supplies a 2-A or 4-A output to efficiently power digital circuits such as the processor, FPGA, ASIC, memory and digital input/output. Switch-ing frequency for the converter is independently adjustable up to 2.2 MHz. The TPS65400, which can be powered from a single-input voltage rail between 4.5 V and 18 V, supports applications running off a 5-V or 12-V intermediate power distribution bus.  


TPS65400 key features and benefits 

  • Flexible power up/down sequencing control increases system reliability. Read a blog on sequencing for performance processors and FPGAs.
  • Parameter configuration and status monitoring via PMBus enhances system intelligence.
  • Dynamic voltage scaling optimizes processor performance.
  • Phase interleaving reduces input capacitance and ripple.
  • Current sharing supports higher output current and enhances design flexibility.
  • Small 48-pin VQFN package measures 7 mm by 7 mm by 0.9 mm.


Availability, packaging and pricing 

Available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors, the TPS65400 is offered in a 48-pin, thermally-enhanced VQFN pack-age and priced at US$3.68 in 1,000-unit quantities.  Order the TPS65400EVM-678 evaluation module for US$199.


Texas Instrument Power Management TPS65400


About TI’s digital power products

Texas Instruments offers the broadest portfolio of digitally enabled, configurable and fully programmable power controllers, providing customers with flexibility, efficiency and integration to meet dynamic system needs and reduce total cost. TI’s digital power solutions sup-port various communication protocols, including PMBus, SMBus, I2C, SPI, UART and CAN.


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