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High Voltage Diodes for Automotive and High Temperature Applications HVA Series

January 01, 2016 by Dean Technology

This article highlights Dean Technology, Inc. HVA series axial lead high voltage diode line designed specifically to withstand high operating temperatures.

Dean Technology, Inc. announced the newest addition to is discrete axial lead high voltage diode line, the HVA series. This series of axial lead silicon rectifiers was designed specifically to withstand high operating temperatures, making it ideal for many specialty applications, including automotive uses.

The HVA series currently includes two voltage ratings, 3,000 and 5,000 volts, along with a relatively high maximum forward current for its very small package size. Both offer a maximum junction temperature of 175 degrees Celsius and standard recovery as well as low maximum forward voltage drops.

“There are not enough manufacturers focusing on improving high voltage parts for higher temperature uses”, said Ahmet Kilinc, Managing Partner of HVP High Voltage Products GmbH, a specialty distributor of high voltage components and systems in Europe. “It is a real help for us be closely partnered with Dean Technology, and able to work with them in the design of a new series of parts that meets the immediate needs of an important customer, as well as many potential others. We are excited about these new high-temperature diodes.”

While the HVA series is currently available in two voltage ratings, Dean Technology is committed to expanding the offerings. Custom high-temperature diodes can be offered in short term, and future design work is already planned for adding to the standard HVA series. As the demands of high voltage customers continue to require more demanding features, Dean Technology is committed to working to meet those needs.

The HVA series parts are in stock and immediately available directly from Dean Technology, or through any approved sales partner or distributor.


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This article originally appeared in the Bodo’s Power Systems magazine.