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HEV-EV Semiconductor Technology Outlook What Role will SiC and GaN Play

July 15, 2019 by Asif Anwar

Strategy Analytics recently released their report titled HEV-EV Semiconductor Technology Outlook: What Role will SiC and GaN Play?

Strategy Analytics recently released their report titled HEV-EV Semiconductor Technology Outlook: What Role will SiC and GaN Play?


Report Summary

The power electronics market for wideband semiconductors is at an early stage and offers significant upside potential for companies that are able to leverage the growing opportunity from the HEV/EV sector. Silicon-based IGBTs, MOSFETs and SBDs will continue to dominate the power electronics landscape, but SiC and GaN are starting to make in-roads. 


Table of Contents 

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

3.       HEV/EV Market Outlook

3.1     HEV/EV Production Trends

4.       Anatomy of a HEV-EV Powertrain

4.1     AC/DC Charger (On-board)

4.2     DC/DC Converter

4.3     Inverters

5.       HEV/EV Semiconductor Market Forecast

5.1     HEV/EV Semiconductor Demand

6.       Current and Future Enabling Technologies

6.1     The Power Semiconductor Technology Landscape

7.       Power Electronic Semiconductor Vendor Landscape

7.1     Denso, Japan

7.2     EPC, USA

7.3     Exagan, France

7.4     Flosfia, Japan

7.5     Fuji Electric, Japan

7.6     GaN Systems, Canada

7.7     Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd., Japan

7.8     Infineon, Germany

7.9     Microchip, USA

7.10   Mitsubishi Electric, Japan

7.11   Nexperia, Netherlands

7.12   NXP, Netherlands

7.13   ON Semiconductor, USA

7.14   Panasonic, Japan

7.15   Renesas, Japan

7.16   Rohm, Japan

7.17   STMicroelectronics, Switzerland

7.18   Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, Japan

7.19   Toyoda Gosei, Japan

7.20   Toyota, Japan

7.21   Transphorm, US

7.22   VisIC, Israel

7.23   Wolfspeed, a Cree Company, USA

7.24   Other Companies

8.       HEV/EV Semiconductor Technologies Outlook

8.1     HEV/EV Power Electronic Semiconductor Outlook by Technology

8.2     SiC and GaN Penetration by System

8.2.1       Traction Inverter

8.2.2       On-board Charger

8.2.3       DC-DC Converter

8.2.4       Auxiliary Inverter

8.3     Final Thoughts

9.       Implications and Conclusions

10.    How Can We Help You?

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About the Author

Asif Anwar’s current focus at Strategy Analytics is on supporting the automotive industry through the Powertrain, Body, Safety & Chassis (PBCS) Service coverage at Strategy Analytics, providing thought leadership and analysis at the system, semiconductor and sensor levels, as well as looking at the broader whole value chain and tracking emerging opportunities.

With a career that spans both engineering and marketing roles in the metals, minerals and electronics industries, Asif has been providing insights and analysis in the advanced electronics markets for over 20 years, covering wireless networks, fiber optic networks, millimeter wave communications, radar, EW and optoelectronic applications. After nearly two decades of immersion in the field, Asif is an acknowledged expert and thought leader in the compound semiconductor industry.

A member of the IEEE (including AESS, MTTS and ComSoc) as well as the IChemE, Asif graduated from the University of Teesside, UK in 1993 with a B.Eng Honours degree in Chemical Engineering, before doing Ph.D research on fatty acids.