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flowBOOST4w Power Modules

November 11, 2015 by EE Power Editorial

This article introduces Vincotech's flowBOOST4w modules for UPS and other three-phase PFC applications from 100 to 200kVA and 20kHz switching frequencies.

Symmetrical boost stage, onboard capacitors, optional snubber diodes and low inductive interface for 100 to 200 kVA three-phase PFC applications

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, today announced the release of its new flowBOOST4w modules designed for UPS and other three-phase PFC applications with power ratings from 100 to 200 kVA and switching frequencies from 8 to 20 kHz.

These modules serve online UPS and other applications requiring three-phase, three-level active PFC where high conversion efficiency and switching frequencies are needed to cut the size and cost of PFC chokes. Onboard capacitors prevent destructive turn-off voltage overshooting. An optional snubber diode and a low inductive interface support switching lossregeneration. The latter also enables an ultra low inductive connection with a normal PCB board, in which case the high-power connection no longer needs to be low inductive. The integrated NTC sensor provides a temperature signal to ensure reliable protection for the module.


POWER RANGE 100kVA to 200kVA
70-W206NBA400SA-M786L 2x 600V/400A
70-W206NBA600SA-M788L 2x 600V/600A
70-W206NBA400SA01-M786L10 2x 600V/400A
70-W206NBA600SA01-M788L10 2x 600V/600A


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