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Eggtronic Announces New Patented Implementation of Capacitive Coupled Converters at CES 2019

January 07, 2019 by Eggtronic

Eggtronic, an innovative Italian engineering company founded in Modena in 2012, will have its booth at CES, the world’s gathering place for all consumer electronics lovers.

CES, with over 170,000 participants, is the world’s gathering place for all consumer electronics lovers. Eggtronic, an innovative Italian engineering company founded in Modena in 2012, will have its booth at the show. 

“We worked many years to transform revolutionary ideas into products: CES is the most important stage where to showcase our technological innovations. We will display technologies able to change people’s lives” said Igor Spinella, CEO of Eggtronic. 

Eggtronic's patented implementation of capacitive coupled converters enables the build of small and efficient isolated AC/DC and DC/DC adapters. Applying the same IPs (and more dedicated ones) to wireless power transfer, Eggtronic technology is able to overcome all the typical issues of common inductive wireless power existing systems, in particular: low efficiency, emissions, limited positioning freedom and slow data-over-power solutions. 

The partnership with companies as GaN Systems is what facilitates the process. “We’re excited to see the growing number of GaN-powered devices and technologies that will be showcased at CES 2019 from our customers and partners,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “Using GaN power transistors as a basis for power systems opens the door for improving and creating new opportunities as the ones Eggtronic will be showcasing.” 


Power Conversion

An ultra-compact and efficient AC/DC power adapter for the consumer market will be available in late 2019 as USB PD 65W adapter in the retail market, and as OEM product later with some of the biggest worldwide laptop manufacturers. 

Smaller and lighter than any conventional adapter, it converts energy more efficiently reducing heat loss by half and system costs. 


Wireless Technology

A wireless capacitive technology conceived by Eggtronic, will allow to wirelessly supply and connect a UHD television, with total free positioning, beating any records of power density, efficiency, bandwidth and functionality in the field of wireless power supply. The same technology will be also able to supply a laptop: a flexible mat, which can be rolled around the transmitter electronics, and a laptop charging upon it. Imagine you could just cover your entire desk with a mat of these, and supply every single electronic device you lay on top. 

Finally, a moving object on a rail can be powered by capacitive wireless. This demonstrator shows the capacitive technology used in a specific application, very common in the industrial or automotive worlds: a sliding object which has to be supplied and connected with a fixed basement, without electrical connections. This demo shows a 100W vehicle lamp, supplied with a very limited capacitive coupling surface, showing position freedom over a line and very high power density over surface. 



The automotive division, partner of leading companies in the automotive industry, will demonstrate a hi-tech Wireless Car emulating a real car environment. The demonstration integrates Eggtronic in-car wireless charger and ESI, a revolutionary infotainment system offering a unique and customized user experience, by transforming smartphones in the intelligent heart of the car. 


About Eggtronic

Eggtronic is an Italian electronic company operating worldwide. A team of young and talented people, specialists in the field of mechatronic and electronic engineering. The team is always at work to develop new and innovative solutions to make everyday life better. Eggtronic is specialized in the design and production of consumer electronics and B2B electronic design. Eggtronic engineers are experienced in the development of innovative technologies in the field of ecological and efficient power source.

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