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Specializing Performance: Collaboration Gets it Right with Custom Power Magnetics

Off-the-shelf magnetic components are often a compromise solution for any application, both electrically and mechanically.

Peter F Vaughan

Product Release    

Eaton Expands its Automotive-Grade Magnetics Portfolio with New Line of High Current Power Inductors

Power management company Eaton today launched its automotive-grade HCM1AV2 product line of high current power inductors designed for the transportation market to address in

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Leakage Inductance Considerations for Custom Transformers

Magnetics Design: Lessons Learned

Dr. Ray Ridley

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Drastically Reducing Earth Leakage Currents and Increasing Plant Availability

The individual components in variable-speed drives cause earth leakage currents that cumulatively result in the tripping of the RCD.

Philipp Riedl

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EMV 2019: International Trade Fair with Workshops

First-Class Business and Networking Platform for EMCEMV 2019, the 31-year-old international trade fair with workshops for electromagnetic compatibility, was once again

Roland R. Ackermann

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Exxelia CCM Technology of Magnetic Components Officially ESA Qualified

Exxelia, a leading global designer and manufacturer of highly engineered passive components, is pleased to announce the ESA qualification of its CCM technology, according t

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Pulsed Field Magnetometry for Characterization of Magnetic Components

Driven by the soaring demand for hybrid and electric vehicles and the large investments in renewable energies, the soft magnetic materials market is expected to reach t

JC Sun, B. Zumeri

Product Release    

Premier Magnetics Introduces Line of Frequency-Optimized Planar Transformers

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components, announces its PM-PTxxx Series 

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Designing Custom Transformers with One Design Equation

The Secret to Magnetics Design

Dr. Ray Ridley

Product Release    

Sumida Corporation Introduces Compact, Magnetically-Shielded Drum-Core SMD Power Inductors

Sumida Corporation has announced the introduction of the new CDRH50D28B/T150 Shielded Drum inductor for a broad range of automotive applications.