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Sumida Corporation Introduces Compact, Magnetically-Shielded Drum-Core SMD Power Inductors

Sumida Corporation has announced the introduction of the new CDRH50D28B/T150 Shielded Drum inductor for a broad range of automotive applications.

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Optimizing the Prototyping and Design of Custom Magnetics

To meet application-specific feature specifications, many high-frequency magnetics designs must now be customized.

Cathal Sheehan

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Heat Dissipation Challenge in Automotive High-Power Integrated Magnetics

In 2016, Premo Group launched 3DPower™, the first product to integrate two magnetic components that share the same core and feature two orthogonal magnetic fi

Hector Perdomo Díaz, Juan Manuel Codes Troyano

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Research of Properties of Manganese Zinc Ferrites with Fe-poor Composition

With the continuous development of electronic technology, especially the rapid development of digital technology, the world put forward high requirements on resistance to e

Yang-zhong Du, Chao-ming Wang, Xu Zhao and Fei-yu Lv

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Designing Custom Inductors with ONE Design Equation

In the last article of this series,

Dr. Ray Ridley

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ONE Design Equation for Custom Inductors: An Introduction to Power Electronics

Over 35 years ago, I started my career in power electronics

Dr. Ray Ridley

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DMR 91 - MnZn Ferrite Material with High Flux Density and Low Power Loss for Power Applications

Manganese zinc soft ferrite materials are generally divided into two groups:

Xu Zhao, Yang-Zhong Du, Su-Ping Wang and Milivoj Secan