Integrated Circuits

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The State of Intelligent SiC MOSFET Gate Drivers

The Challenges

Nitesh Satheesh, Cliff Robins, Adam Fender

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High Performance Flybuck

A Flybuck is an alternative to a Flyback for low power applications because it is a low-cost,

Florian Mueller

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Wireless Medical Instrumentation Benefits from New Power ICs

As with many other applications, low power precision components have enabled rapid growth of portable and wireless medical instruments.

Tony Armstrong

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Utilizing the Programmable Ramp Generator on 8-bit PIC MCUs with MPLAB

The Programmable Ramp Generator (PRG), featured on several recent 8-bit PIC microcontrollers from Microchip Technology, is a highly flexible analog peripheral that is inten

Mary Iva Rosario Salimbao

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From Petrol to Wireless Charging: Mobility Evolves with Advanced Power Systems

This article explains the development of electric mobility, with a focus on e-bikes which are proliferating around the world, especially in developing regions.

Chris Lee, Alix Paultre

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EiceDRIVER and CoolMOS CFD2 Join for High Efficiency in Refrigeration

Home appliances that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, have many high-efficiency requirements, therefore the use of

Wolfgang Frank

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Dynamic Power Path Management in Charger ICs

This article discusses the dynamic power path management (DPPM), a power management scheme commonly used today.

Aaron Xu

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High-Voltage Isolated Gate Driver Module

IXYS 4000V MOSFET and IGBT Driver Module

Abdus Sattar Ph.D. and Leonid Neyman Ph.D.

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Configurable Mixed-signal ICs and Asynchronous State Machines Can Optimize Embedded Designs


Mike Noonen, John McDonald and Nathan John

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Step Up to Half-Bridge GaN Power ICs

Half-bridge circuits are essential building blocks in the power electronics industry, used in everything from smartphone chargers and laptop adapters, to TVs, solar inverte

Santosh Sharma, Dan Kinzer, Jason Zhang, Marco Giandalia, Stephen Oliver