Integrated Circuits

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Supervisory ICs for Easy Monitoring of Multiple Voltages

Supervisory ICs are small monitoring modules that, with their own voltage references, can monitor voltage supplies in electronic systems.

Frederik Dostal

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A Charger IC with N Kinds of Applications

The MP2639A is a fully integrated and flexible battery charge management IC that can charge two cells in series from a 5V power supply.

Min Xu

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Modular Real-Time Development Platform for Power Electronic Systems

FPGAs provide impressive computing power, which is increasingly required in power electronic systems.

Julian Endres, Fabian Bayer, Andreas Linke and Ansgar Ackva

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Dynamically Configurable Off-Line Switcher IC for Higher Application Flexibility

InnoSwitch3-Pro integrated switcher ICs enable digital micro-stepping of voltage and current for precise battery charge control and elimination of DC-DC post-regulators, an

Jason Yan

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Integrated Circuits Offer Enhanced Protection & Improved Safety Features for High Reliability Power Supplies

The design of high-reliability systems encompasses the use of fault tolerant design techniques, the selection of suitable components to meet the anticipated environmental c

Steve Munns

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Optimized Thermal Layout for CIPOS Nano Half-bridge Intelligent Power Modules

This article discusses PCB design considerations required to achieve the best thermal performance in a motor drive using CIPOS Nano half-bridge Intelligent Power Modules (I

Pengwei Sun and Pei Jin

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What They Don’t Teach About Synchronous Rectifiers in School – Selected Topics from Real Designs

In recent years, global regulatory agencies have proposed efficiency standards to further improve global energy savings.

Zhihong Yu, AC/DC & Lighting Product Marketing Manager, Walter Yeh, Field Application Engineering Deputy Manager

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Tiny µModule Boost Regulator for Low Voltage Optical Systems

Analog Devices, Inc.

Roland R. Ackermann

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Silicon Nitride Substrates for Improved Performance in Power Electronics

Today’s power module designs are primarily based on aluminum

Manfred Goetz

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The State of Intelligent SiC MOSFET Gate Drivers

The Challenges

Nitesh Satheesh, Cliff Robins, Adam Fender