First USB Type-C Load Switch

First USB Type-C Load Switch

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited introduced the AOZ1375, AOS’s first Type-C Power Delivery full-compliant power protection switch.  AOZ1375 is bidirectional current-limited load switch with reverse current blocking capability intended for applications that require circuit protections and soft start function. This device offers a best-in-class RDS(ON) (17.8mohm) in a thermally enhanced 3x3mm DFN package, making it an ideal solution for the latest notebooks, ultrabooks, desktops, monitors, dockings/dongles, and Thunderbolt/USB Type-C PD applications. 

The device operates from voltages between 3.4V and 23V, and features two power switch terminals, VINT and VBUS which are rated at 28V Absolute Maximum. This is a perfect protection load switch solution for battery charging using USB PD protocol. When used as a source switch, the internal current limiting circuit protects the supply from large load current. The back-to-back switch configuration blocks any leakage between VINT and VBUS pins when the device is disabled. 

The AOZ1375 is fully programmable with comprehensive protections including soft start; short-circuit protection, thermal protection, over-current and over-voltage protection. Multiple operating voltages (5V/9V/15V/20V) with programmable over-voltage threshold make it fully compliant with USB PD 3.1 power profile.

More information: Alpha and Omega Semiconductor