10A, 4000V, Dual Channel, Isolated Gate-Driver

10A, 4000V, Dual Channel, Isolated Gate-Driver

IXYS Corporation announced a 10A/4000V, dual channel, isolated gate-driver: IXIDM1401_1505_O.

Built using the IX6610 and IX6611 gate-driver chipset, it allows a 3.3 V microcontroller (MCU) through a 4 kV isolation barrier, to control IGBTs and MOSFETs in the half-bridge configuration. The PWM signals can be as short as 500 ns, and there is no lower limit on the switching frequency. It is capable of driving high-power IGBT and MOSFET modules rated up to 1700V.

The IXIDM1401_1505_O gate-driver core can support switching frequencies up to 250 kHz. The two output channels are electrically isolated from each other and from the primary side. An internal power supply can provide up to 2W per channel of isolated power to drive both upper and lower IGBTs (or MOSFETs), effectively isolating the MCU from the high power circuitry. Operating from a single polarity 15V power source, it provides +15 V/-5V and 10A peak current to the IGBT gates as well as +3.3V (at 50mA) to the corresponding controlling MCU.

The IXIDM1401_1505_O provides a complete dual-channel, gate-driver solution, best in class, outperforming existing solutions. This product is designed with all the necessary features such as short-circuit protection, under and over-voltage lockout protection, advanced active clamping, and supply voltage monitoring. It is well suited for digital power control, where a typical MCU, like the Zilog line of MCUs, can be used to provide the brains for controlling power modules.

More information: IXYS