First Fully Encapsulated 50A Digital Power Module

First Fully Encapsulated 50A Digital Power Module

Intersil Corporation announced the industry’s first 50A fully encapsu-lated digital DC/DC PMBus power module. The ISL8272M is a com-plete step-down power supply that delivers up to 50A of output current from industry standard 12V or 5V input power rails, and four modules can be combined to support up to 200A rails. It provides point-of load conversions for advanced FPGAs, ASICs, processors and memory in space-constrained and power-dense telecom and datacom applica-tions. The device is also well suited for high-end instrumentation, industrial and medical equipment. Used in conjunction with Intersil’s PowerNavigator™ graphical user interface (GUI), the ISL8272M simplifies system power conversion and configuration, while speeding design time. 

The complexity and performance of the latest FPGAs and proces-sors used in wired, wireless and cloud computing systems is driving up the number of voltage rails. For example, some optical transmis-sion systems have as many as 60 power supplies on a single board. This complexity requires a higher level of system intelligence and advanced digital power management, including telemetry and system monitoring, to ensure 99.999% uptime. There are real economic impacts when a telecom system or a router goes down. For example, online purchases from Internet retailers can be lost during transmis-sion, making uptime critical. 

he ISL8272M’s digital control technology provides precise sequenc-ing and system monitoring through the PMBus interface. The innova-tive ChargeMode™ control architecture enables compensation-free design that keeps the device stable regardless of output capacitor changes due to temperature, variation or aging. Competitive voltage-mode control power modules often require designers to perform complex calculations, stability analysis and build a compensation net-work using 4-5 discrete components. The ISL8272M’s ChargeMode control loop also provides a single clock cycle fast transient response to output current load steps common in FPGAs and DSPs processing power bursts.

Intersil‘s PowerNavigator™ GUI software simplifies the ISL8272M’s setup and configuration, including all device parameters and full telemetry. The tool makes it easy to change features and functions of a digital power supply design without writing a single line of code. To download the PowerNavigator GUI and watch a tutorial video, please visit:

More information: Intersil