Integrated Circuits

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A New Dual-in-Line Surface Mountable IPM for Motor Drive Applications

This article introduces a new dual-in-line surface-mount device (SMD)-type intelligent power module (IPM) specialized for low-power BLDC motor-drive systems such as fan

Bum-Seok Suh, Junho Lee

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Simple Slew-Rate Control Technique Cuts Turn-ON Energy

The reduction of switching losses in power ele

Wolfgang Frank

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Presentation of HiRel Microprocessor, Innovative Data Converter and SiP Solutions

During a press briefing in Grenoble, Laurent Monge, President and Site Director, Evelyne Tur and Thierry Bissuel, Business Unit Directors, and colleagues gave an intere

Roland R. Ackermann

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Constant Current LED Drivers: Cost Efficient, Reliable, and Easy to Use

LEDs are widely used across all market segments.

Dr.-Ing. Jan Preibisch

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Making GaN Power Electronics Universal

As GaN power electronics is gaining momentum, an interesting question to ask is whether GaN will remain a niche player like GaAs or whethe

Simon Li, Ph.D.

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Power Control at 27 MHz with Variable Reactance

This is the second of a three part series.

David Pacholok, Paul Reich, Jim Spangler

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Cost Optimization of Wireless Power Transmission Systems

Advantages of wireless power transmission systems in comparison to standard plug contacts are easily identified.

Dominik Huwig

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Quasi-Class E Achieves Power Control and ZIS/ZVS

This is the first in a three-part series describing a novel approach to high frequency (27 MHz) power conversion and control.

David Pacholok, Paul Reich and Jim Spangler

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Building a Linear Charger for Wearable Applications

Wearable devices have become increasingly integrated into our lives.

Hank Cao

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Thévenin Equivalent Circuit and Maximum Power Transfer

The objective of this article is to verify Thévenin’s theorem by obtaining the Thévenin equivalent voltage (VTH) and Thévenin equivalent resistance (RTH) for

Antoniu Miclaus and Doug Mercer