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I'm working on a battery and AC-powered amplifier speaker. I do have a battery protection circuit to control the over-under charge on the lithium ion battery. Then I have a smart charger that will control the voltage to charge the batteries.

Anyone worked with something like this before?
I just don't want the 12v PS to power the PCM directly. Could I do this with diodes between the AMP and the PCM, I would also need them between the AMP and the smart charger?


But, Even if that works how do you keep the power from the smart charger from powering the AMP?
Cut down on the number of add-on modules. You could find some 18650 cells with protection circuit already built-in.
You could make them work if you have the charger input and output directly connected.

But, that may be more than what you're looking for.
can you give us the ratings of your system. that is the voltage and the power rating then I can guide you on how to make your power supply system very quickly.