What is something electrical engineers know that others don't?

I am not a graduated electrical engineer, but I have currently completed my second year of Electrical Engineering and I am going to go to third year of Electrical Engineering.
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Something electrical engineers know that others don't is that their sense of wonder and curiosity, will never be disappointed once they have learned they are manipulating a natural occurring electromagnetic phenomenon, to their advantage and the advantage of others who have not yet been born. This is evident, even amongst the saltiest humans, for they have been taken over by an immense feeling of responsibility to pass their experience to those who seek guidance, in forums like this one. That includes hobbyist along with tinkerers.
And that's coming from an Ace Electronic Technician. That's "Ace" spelled with two (s's). :cool:
Some courses for first year and second year are taught in other fields also. From 3rd year, many exclusive courses will be started. For example- signals and systems, power system analysis, Power transmission, power station, power electronics, switchgear and protection systems etc.