Strong Voltage Tolerance?


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Hey friends,

I purchased a Dynex 1200mah variable AC to DC power supply and measured the voltages with a multimeter.

I'm getting a lot of variance and inaccuracies. Is that normal?


It looks like the device has been discontinued:
The page does not state the tollerance of the voltage.

What is the voltage when you put about 10 % of the maximum load (say 100 to 150 mA) on the output?

You could also have a look at this old thread on AAC:

No matter what the values, there really would be no definitive answer to your question. Even if the device still existed and updated.

But, would your project allow the possibility of adding a load resistor across the adapter output?
This might be more confusing ... but you could always try to modify the voltage setting components in the adapter. There may or may not be enough space, though.

Open it up and upload some photos.