Soldering and Batteries


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What I'm trying to do, is have a replaceable battery that attaches to an LED. It's a similar concept to LED "throwies". I'm using a coin cell 3v battery, and I've got an LED with proper resistor hooked to it. Everything works great when I depress the wires to the battery. But I'm trying to make the battery be replaceable without having to replace the whole thing. So my thought was to use some sort of thin metal that I can solder the wires to and just have it touch the battery. So whoever could pull the battery out and put a new one in without messing with the wires.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I appreciate it very much.
Why don't you just get a 3V battery holder? They make them. They also have foil tape that you could use to attach the wires to the battery.
I think that foil tape is a good fit for what I'm trying to do. The battery holder would be great but I'm trying to keep things extremely cheap for making large quantities. I'll have to give the tape a try though. Thank you very much for your help!