Solar charged battery with AC


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I want to build a solar charged battery, but also utilize an AC outlet. This is how I think it would work out:

Solar panels - rectifier - power converter/controller - inverter etc

Then add the parameters that feel are necessary to do what you want it to do - starting at the 'end' and determining the maximum load you want to drive.

100W load - 100W (minimum) power converter/controller - rectifier of 'x' amps/volts - panels of 'x' output (over time) etc etc.

Each block in your diagram will be an individual system in its own right and have its associated 'efficiencies' (i.e the amount you get OUT of a block won't be the same as you put IN to it) so you need to calculate the various losses through the circuit.... am I headed in the right direction with this?

You'll eventually work backwards to the power required at the input to get the power you want at the output and thus figure out ALL the items you need.

It's then a case of putting all the blocks into practise - purchase them according to your needs and availability. Some blocks may have to be purchased in larger power sizes than you need as this is all that's available - larger is better than smaller!
We'd need specifics, what solar panels, charger circuit, batteries, inverter, load, etc. The specs for all of that.

It's all money, but also all math, and a preliminary requirement is usually getting the solar panels in place then determining the average output vs worst case scenario and your worst case (highest) need, and go from there. Though, what you've got so far feels like its in the right direction.