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I've got a 1.5 square mm four-cable. Could I potentially use just two wires at 230 volts in single-phase AC. And then could I potentially use the other two wires at 12V DC. This would be over a distance of 90 to 100 meters.

Do you foresee any problems occurring because of these parameters?


Could you specify a load power?

But, just approximating, a high voltage and an extra-low voltage mixed in the same cable wouldn't be the safest.

You should check the voltage drop for the various voltages and loads against the cross-sectional area and distance. An easy and effective way to measure those parameters.


You could always use a voltage drop set of calculations. Or just search for a voltage drop calculator.

You will need the complete lenght of the cable to calculate the voltage drop.
The following page takes that in measure:

Please note -

they specify a one-way voltage drop, so need to multiply the result by two.

You will need the wire diameter, rather than the cross-sectional area.
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