Safety FAQs when installing a car battery

Q: Why do I need gloves and goggles while handling a car battery?
A: That's because most of the car batteries have acid.

Q: Why are your car batteries so heavy?
A: This is because most of the car batteries contain lead.

Q: I replaced the old battery with a new one, but my car won't start yet?
A: Calm down and check to see if the battery has a charge. Most new batteries come with a charge, but not all of them. Also, check if you have installed it properly. Check the terminals if they are loose or if the polarity is reversed.

Q: Can I just throw my battery in the trash can?
A: No, no. It's because car batteries are very toxic. As such, I suggest that an old car battery be given to a car battery shop and asked for advances.

Q: The new battery started the car, but the car turned off after a while.
A: Your car's new battery ran out of power, and the alternator would need repairs because it wasn't charging the battery.

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