PS Conversion for LiPo Battery Chargers


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I have converted 2 Dell Server 12vdc Power Supplies for connection in series for a 24vdc power supply to power my Hyperion EOS730i LiPo Battery Charger. In order to connect 2 of these Dell Server Power Supplies in series, I had to isolate the AC/DC grounds inside each 12vdc server power supply or they would damage the Dell Server Power Supplies when connected in series. Each of these supplies is 44.5 Amps. This I have already done and tested to make sure the AC/DC grounds were isolated from each other in each of those 2 power supplies.

I have seen other fellow R/C Model Airplane pilots do this and they do not seem to have any issues. My question is just how much noise is created by these Dell Server Switching Power Supplies that would be coming out of the DC Output? Or is the dc voltage filtered enough so this would not be a problem?

The ideal power to the Hyperion Battery Charger is stated to be a 24vdc Marine Deep Cycle Battery. However, the company also states a suitable DC Power Supply can be used. The reason a 24vdc power supply is used is to get the maximum amps out of the charger. A 12vdc source can be used, but it cuts the output current of the charger in half.

I am asking this because I need to know if something else would be needed on the Dell Power Supplies output to say filter any noise. I just do not know how much noise is coming out of these server power supplies, or if it is already conditioned or filtered to produce a clean DC.

I would appreciate professional comments regarding my question from those that are schooled in this area. Thank you.
Being a server PSU it should have an output clean enough for computer use - devices which don't like 'noise' on the power bus as witness by the masses of decoupling capacitors on most motherboards.

The only way to be sure of noise levels is to 'scope the output but you can add additional parts as a belts'n'braces method to improve whatever is coming out anyway.

Wrap the output leads around a ferrite core, add paralleled capacitance of 100nF 10nF and 1nF across the output leads etc. It won't do any harm but it may 'help' if you don't have access to a oscilloscope to do it properly.