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I have a short question that could develop into something longer. But for now —

Is it possible to reverse the positive and negative power supplies to an op-amp? And would it still work properly?
The data sheet indicates that more than about 1V reverse might kill the amplifier. (each type of amp has different specifications)
Certainly reverse voltage is beyond what is safe. There is a chance the amp is OK. You will just have to test/try the op-amp and see. My guess is that you killed it.
Sometimes when carelessly hooking up the DC supply voltage to an op amp, you may reverse the polarity of the voltages. Doing so, however, cause results in a zapped op amp IC. If you feed positive voltage into the negative supply terminal, -Vs, this can potentially destroy the op amp.
An op amp needs a power supply because internally it is composed of a number of transistors. Since op amps are composed of many transistors, it needs this positive voltage applied to the collector to cause current to flow from the collector to emitter region, so positive voltage to an op amp is a must. Many op amps, which are called dual power supply op amps, including a LM741, also need negative voltage to operate.
Most parts are made from a variety of transistors ... reversing the polarity could damage them in the long run.

What is it that you are trying to achieve?
I have a 2 channel op-amp chip and was going to try reversing the chip, about 180 degrees, on my PCB.

I want to make the negative and positive inputs switch places, while the supplies retain their supplies but with their values reversed.

But, I don't assume it will work now.