Power Supply for LEDs


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I'm looking for help on how to design the circuit I describe below ----

I'd like to drive a string of high power LEDs but on 3 different PCBs. All of the PCBs require 40V and 200mA to operate. First, What sort of power supply with a constant output should I use?
I arrived at 40V/200mA based on the way the Leds are arranged on the board. In a more parallel arrangement.
The PCB had already been made. I just need to control the brightness of my LEDs which I have a grasp on.

Once again thank you for the guide. Best regards.
Meanwell LDDS-250HW is a constant current (250mA) DC-DC step down controller that would work if you forced dimming to be on to limit the current to 200mA. It will dim with a resistor (0-10V). I'm using the LDDS-1000HW to drive a 24V COB LED strip light with a 48Vdc input, but it'll work for any Vin > 4V+Vout