motor driving anti clockwise


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In a machine, this type(Refer Photo) of motor is used for shifting purposes. Old one was damaged so I'm trying to change the new motor.


It having only two wires....When these wires are interchanged, the motor is running in both a clockwise and an anti clockwise direction.

But sometimes, if the motor is wired for clockwise direction, it means the motor will also run in an anti clockwise direction....

Working Voltage:230VAC
How do I solve this issue?
Synchronous motors such as this will run either direction.
If a particular direction is required, you will have to acquire one which has an internal spring or mechanism, which, if motor starts in the wrong direction, the spring/mechanism loads up and throws the rotor in the opposite/correct direction.
A two wire AC connection cannot determine the direction. The motor sees no difference when the two wires are reversed. So there is not "wiring it for CW" or "wiring it for CCW."