MOSFET Integration


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I'm new here. But I think you all will be of some help regarding where to integrate my MOSFET.

I plan to drive a PSU for an SSD drive (about 400mA) from a port line (0 -> 5v). I'm hoping to do this with an N MOSFET.

Now, should I put my MOSFET between +VCC and SSD PSU ... or between SSD gnd and my gnd
What is the power for the SSD drive? 5V or 12V?
What else does this supply power?

Putting the MOSFET in the ground side of the supply is most simple and would work well for a LED or light bulb but I think it will not work for a SSD drive. It is typical for all the grounds in a system to be connected together. There are grounds in the data cable for example. I think if you open up ground then power will flow in the data cable and you really have not cut the power.

A high side switch is more complicated. P-mosfet will be less complicated compared to N. By cutting the +supply power will really be cut.