MIP0223SY Switching

Good day
I have the Mip0223 which is a TO-220 mosfet but instead of a gate pin its got a control pin as you will see in the datasheet. Now I am trying to use this IC for a pet project and I have tried direct voltage ,milliamp inputs and logic inputs to try switch it but I still get no reactions. Has any one worked on something like this before that has some advice for me because I have a feeling I am doing something wrong or am missing something.


It is very complicated. It can not be just turned on. It has a maximum amount of time it will stay on. It wants to turn on and off at 100khz. Not a MOSFET!
Soo just letting you know I was able to find out alot more about these power ics using the pdf for a top221-227
The TOP series are complex parts that make cleaver power supplies. There are many versions made by this company. Their data is hard to find. They have examples of how to use the parts, and PCB examples.
If you have questions I have used these parts.