Measuring Clamping Voltage of a Varistor


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Jovenel D.

I'm attempting to model/ simulate a varistor. But, I'm looking for the clamping voltage.

Is that measurement usually part of the data sheet? Or am I just not seeing what I'm looking for?
It is on the data sheet. But it is not easy to understand. A 100 volt part does not just turn on at 100 volts. It pulls some current at 100V and more at 110V and much more at 120V and lots of current at 130V.
What is the part nuber?
With varistor, then there must be a current, right? So, then I'd use a *pulsed* current source. Then you can measure the voltage across the varistor.

Does that sound feasible?


I always wonder why these kinds of metrics aren't just bolded and more in your face on the data sheet.

If only ...
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