MC33063A regulators


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Like it says, I implemented a MC33063A switching regulator in a
design and wonder if there are any historical faulty issues with it?

I did some repetition cycling with it and did notice a couple
of times it looked like it went into a non-start up state?

When this happens and if you are using the Step up configuration, it
is advisable to supply a fusible link.. Because it put my bench supply
at full set current and the switcher wasn't operating.

But I can only get this to happen if I do radical cycling. I'll need to
study that closer to see if there is a way to incorporate some form of
power management circuit to help that out
I did have some issues with the MC33063 and moved to th newer NCP3063.
I'm afraid I can't remember the details but it included problems with
the current limit.

The NCP3063 works at higher frequency and has better current limiting.