Looking for advice on battery selection!

Good day all,
I'm obviously new here and as you read on it will be even more obvious I have little to no understanding of electronics in general. So, please excuse the ignorance. I am trying to DIY an LED lighting system for use while riding a mountain bike at night. I have selected a light I think might work (LED lightbar, 60W 6000lm 12v-60v) and am now trying to figure out a power supply. Ideally it would be compact, operate the light for 2 hours or more and not require the fire department to put out my house fire while I re-charge it! I have no idea what I need. I have seen compact 12v lithium Ion batteries that look the part, but not having an understanding of what I need leaves me completely lost and considering the "give this a try" method. That is never a good idea and seems to get expensive. Any advice and/or education on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance, not just for the education, but for forgiving my ignorance as well!

Do you have a datasheet of the led light bar?
That way we can see how much current is needed.
When we know the current, tha battery capacity can be calculated.