LIPO charger and backup supply


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I am trying to power a circuit with a Lipo battery and then charge the battery when connected to a mains supply. I need about 600mA at 3.3V in the circuit. I have looked at a few Maxim battery management chips. Not sure what would work best yet. I would like to find out if anyone out there have used some other chips that could work. Looking for a low cost solution without lots of frills and additional components.
A Li-Po battery is almost dead when it is about 3.0V and is fully charged at 4.20V and the charging current has dropped to a low amount. Will you use a buck-boost circuit to provide the 3.3V that you want?
I am glad that you will use a charger IC to safely charge the battery.
The TP4056 chip module looks like a nice option. Questions:
1. Do you connect your system load directly from battery?
2. If the mains supply is shut down, is the transition to the battery power smooth?
3. How much power can you draw when mains is on, and when only battery is active?