IC BQ24075 Current Consumption

The total supply current depends on the mode in use and is not stated as a specific overall value.
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I am making a power budget and would like to know, how much this IC consumes for its own operations. Is it a standard value or variable because many IC's mention how much they consume for their own operations..
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What mode are you referring to??

My understanding is that I will be operating in mode 3 i.e. EN2=1, EN1=0.

The standby currents in different modes are listed with the link. They are in the datasheet under "quiescent current."
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The IC has a standby current consumption according to the datasheet (quiescent current as @Kellzwee shows above). However, the power it consumes in operation will depend on the condition of the battery it is connected to.

There is no way to determine this as a "fixed value" for power consumption statistics.

If you read the datasheet more closely, you'll understand what the device is actually doing and how it does it.