How do transient currents affect electrical equipment types?


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Various electrical components in a car are “grounded” on the chassis. Right? So, if a live wire from an electricity pole carrying high current were to fall on my car, what effect would it have on the components in the car? Would it just burn out the infotainment system, the headlights, the inside lights, the clock?

Also, what path will the current take? I'd enjoy discussing this with someone.



For further understanding, you should look into information on grounding, shielding, ESD and radiated emissions. Obviously transient protection and safety is a good place to start.
The car electrical system and the utility system are electrically separated from each other basically due to low electrical conductivity of tyres. Therefore, a live wire in contact with your car should not be able to induce any potential that might damage car equipment (no return conduction path to neutral). BUT IT MAY HARM YOUR HEALTH IF YOU TOUCH THE CAR, BECAUSE YOUR CAR IS NOT GROUNDED.
Read the electrical hazard rules and avoid using utility voltage in vincinity of your car unless you really know what you are doing.
A high voltage line would probably arc through the thin paint layer and to a conducting chassis. Depending on the insulation your tires provide from ground, and the air gap between the chassis and ground, the high voltage may jump that gap, and current would flow through the chassis.