Help Wanted: 8 Current Sensor Signal to RS232 Signal


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Hi all,

I am using an 8 current sensor to measure 208V AC current of each line. I have only one digital input pin to read all signals.

current sensor 1:1000 ratio for 10A.

I have converted to a voltage level of 5V circuit.

All the 8 sensor voltage signals need to be converted to the serial input signal for my controller to read.

What circuit should I use/ purchase? If you could help with some conversion methods that would be great. Thanks!
For starters, you are definitely going to need more than one line ...

If the eight 5V circuits are analog, then you need an A/D converter since you say your controller has a digital input.

You can have 8 A/D converters or one converter with an 8 to 1 analog multiplexer in front of it.

No matter what you choose, you have to know how many bits of resolution you need to accurately convey your signal.

This task could be done easily with specialized ICs - f.e. 78M6618 by Silergy can perform current measurements for 8 loads and forward this information to your MCU via I2C I/F.
Yes, I evaluated 78M6618 IC some time ago... You can try contacting Silergy distributors for obtaining this IC - f.e. Future Electronics or Computer Controls. Or send your request to Silergy directly - they will forward your request to responsible partner. What country you are located ?
That's helpful ^^^^ Thank you once again.

I think I'll try the 78M6618 IC. Let you all know how it works.
How did it work? I've been wanting to learn from your project.

I really think that 78M6618 IC could work and thought about playing around with one myself.