ESP32 LED Controller


I'm a hobbyist and I'm trying to replicate this design: . Although I have some questions that I think could help me in this task to ensure my own design comes out great and maybe improved.

How does the ESP32 microcontroller on the LED controller board facilitate communication with the external LED strips, and what protocol does it utilize for this communication? Additionally, how is the user input captured and processed in order to control the LED strips? Can the user customize the color palettes and patterns available for selection, and if so, how is this customization implemented in the firmware of the ESP32? Can the LED controller board be integrated into a larger home automation system, and if so, what APIs or protocols would need to be utilized in order to facilitate this integration?

Thanks in advance!
Hey hey I've seen the specs of the ESP32 and they're a hot topic I'll have to beat my head on the desk and figure this out but gimme some time...
I think the answer is already given in the description of the link-
"Using an ESP32, we fetched GMT time from a NTP Server, adjusted GMT time to local time zone, converted current time into an LED intensity value. The LED intensity was driven by adjusting the PWM duty cycle on the MOSFET driver and we simulated the MOSFET to make sure it can switch up to 10kHz which is the max PWM frequency of the ESP32. "