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I want to build a psu like this one..


Since I need to design this circuit for mass production, I need to know the difference between the following two IC's to minimize cost:


As I've seen in the datasheet both are offered in SMD package. For the cost.... the tny286 is cheaper on large scales, it seems.

Also, can someone explain to me the chart on the datasheet? Does it mean the amount of power that the supplier is guaranteeing the chip to provide under the specified conditions of temperature?
The top one is a Dip 8 package for 12W @5.8V output.

The second is a Smd package for 15W @5.0V output.

The "Open Frame Package" is for a large pcb like in an atx, it will have more ventilation, whereas "Adapter"is enclosed and will be at higher temperature and so gives less power, Test conditions are @50C.
It would better to use a bridge instead of a half wave rectifier to start with.
Yes, that is something that I was considering so I can reduce the capacity of the filtering capacitor and lower the cost.