Designing A Buck Circuit


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I'm looking for guidance on the design of a buck circuit.

Here are my specifications:

Vin = 48V-65V
Vout = 48V
Imax out = 15A

What would be the best frequency?
One problem is the 48 in ->48 out. At about 49V in, the Buck has stopped working and is just passing on the current. Many ICs give up unless there is 5V more on Vin.

There are Buck/Boost that can do that and more. 40Vin and 48Vout no problem.

A simple one IC design has a problem that most will not work at 65V, and 15A is a little high.
It sounds like you have no experience and you picked a big project.
Yes, I would do some more research, rather than ask someone else to design it for me. You need more info as to what these circuits do and not do for you.
I would suggest starting smaller with these designs. They may be interesting to try, but it would end up being cheaper and less difficult to complete.