Connecting transistor to battery terminal


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Hi all,

At first, when connecting a capacitor and resistor, any ends can be used because I thought the two components are not polarised. Am I correct in saying this?

But also, I'm worried that with my transistor being polarised, I'll need to proceed with more caution.

You are not completely correct about the capacitor.
Electrolitic and tantalium capacitors do have a polarity.
When mounted in reverse, they can blow up.
As for transistors, it depends on wich you are using.
In NPN transistors, the collector should have a higher potential as the emittor.
In PNP transistors, the collector should have a lower potential as the emittor.
Have a look at chapter 3 of the following book:

I'm building a simple receiver/trasistor amplifer and I'll share it here soon.

Will the emitter of n-p-n transistor be connected to the negative terminal of the batter? So that the collector to the positive terminal?

How will the connenction end up?
Electrolytic capacitors are obviously polarised, therefore they have to be connected correctly.

Even if the transistor is connected the right way, you'll probably get some smoke when it is directly connected to the battery and on.
Electrolytic capacitors are in facct polarised. They absolutely have to be connected the right way.

If the transistor is connected directly to the battery you're most likely going to see smoke when it turns on.