Choosing a power management IC


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You can hand-solder a QFN package, it's actually not that much different than,
e.g., an SSOP package. If you need access to the center "paddle," you can add
a good-sized via on the backside.

I believe that has some tutorials on hand-soldering these... they
also don't bother soldering the ground paddles, which you may be able to get
away with as well.
can someone please suggest a power management IC for my board, the
features are fairly standard however I have not been able to find
anything in a larger QFP or SOIC package (that I can hand solder)

Features :
- USB and DC input
- li-ion/li-polymer battery charger
- high efficiency (>90%) outputs - 5V, 3.3V, (possibly 1.8V but not
- non QFN/DFN package.. I need something I can handsolder.