Best PLC for DC fast charger design?

Hello everyone, brand new here so hope this is the right place to ask..

Seeking a good PLC for building DC fast chargers, Wants:

1 Easy-to-use interface connected to laptop for setup
2 Connections for customer LCD screen for charge status readouts
3 Support for Credit card swipe/tap input
4 Back-end support for credit card transaction processing
wifi/4g network support
5 Remote cloud interface for monitoring charger and transaction logs and errors and remote resets of AC DC inverters and other power electronics if needed
6 Full support for all modern cars on ccs standard in USA

what product does all this that you guys know of? thanks a ton....really hard time finding what I want on google.
May I ask you, why did you choose to go for a PLC instead of a microcontroller? All the functions you're seeking to support are radically available on microcontrollers, while for PLCs the supported languages of IEC61131-3 (LAD , grafcet, STL, SCL, CFC, etc..) would complicate the coding process of such application.