Battery Life Decreasing as Current is Increasing


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I'm looking for a battery-powered USB charger. Just your average USB charger. However, I have heard that when the current or amperes increases, the battery life of these USB chargers that I'm contemplating buying will decrease. And not just by a little bit at a time, but exponentially.

So maybe a charger with a current of 500mA will bring out 30% more power from the AA batteries than if I used a charger. That charger would have a current of 1 amp. Thoughts? Am I even going about this correctly?
Could you say what kind of batteries? If they happen to be DoubleA, then it's most likely going to be NiMH.

I mean, a charger could damage it's own battery if the charger itself if capable of a higher current. But, proper sequence charging should be OK. No harm is done there.

Charging battery types is quite complex when you think about it.
Well, it should depend on the type of battery.

I would use a fuse to be safe and dial the current and voltage as per usual.

Rachel Miller

YES. Accordingly, battery life decrease as the current increases. This is because the battery cell can be damaged by high voltage current.

Does that make sense?
I mean, it never hurts to just remove the battery from the charger when the charger or battery feels overly warm. That's just rule of thumb.