AD584 voltage reference


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Stumbling around on Ebay, I ran across a voltage reference that uses an AD 584 chip and provides reference voltages at 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, and 10.0 volts.

There are several vendors in China offering this. One Ebay item number is


My question is has anyone bought one of these and knows how accurate it really is. The price is about $24 and that seems low for the accuracy claimed. If I buy one of these, I will not have a way to check the real accuracy.
Yes but the voltage references on Ebay claim to be using the AD594L which has a tighter tolerance than the AD584K. Plus it comes packaged in a small box with a lithium battery , a switch to select the voltage and LEDs that shows which voltage is selected.
More stumbling around found a reference to and a site that had the voltage reference for $12. Has anyone used

I would not rely on the information given on ebay, alibaba and alike for electronics parts.
The venders most times don't know anything from the electronics.
It can even be counterfeit or rejected parts from china.
I would only buy parts from mouser, digikey and farnell/newark.