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Top 50 Rating of the best electric scooters 2022. Big review!

The electric scooter is currently experiencing a renaissance. The electric scooter is a practical solution to abandon local transport. Fuel economy and lack of problems with parking and many other advantages of using electric scooter can be understood after mastering it. Two-wheeled beauty wins the hearts not only of people looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to the car, but also lovers of strong sensations, drive and adrenaline. Let's find out together the top 10 best electric scooters 2021-2022 price quality

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Rating of top 5 manufacturers of electric scooters in 2022
The electric scooter market is quite dynamic, with a couple of dozen brands appearing and disappearing every year. Nevertheless, I will highlight the clear leaders - or just companies whose products definitely deserve attention.


For me, as a layman, the electric scooter market was born with the Xiaomi Mijia M365. Which, as is often the case with this company, had (and still has) a good ratio of price, features and design. As shown by wordstat, Xiaomi models remain the second most popular in Russia. However, if at the beginning of the market of electric scooters the manufacturer had no competitors, then now the situation has changed fundamentally. That is why Xiaomi, even though it clearly comes out at the expense of the promoted brand, but its models are not exactly the best. By the way, wishing to buy an electric scooter Xiaomi I would recommend to be very careful. The brand models have a huge number of fake twins. Competitors-Chinese completely copy the appearance of successful products, and domestic sellers convince customers in the style of "look, it's the same! Although the external appearance is the only thing that unites the models, and inside they are devices of completely different level.


If you believe all the same Wordstat, Kugoo - the clear leader in sales of electric scooters in Russia. While "Xiaomi electric scooters" is searched about 60,000 times per month, a similar query with "Kugoo" scores twice as many, 120,000 hits. By now, it is, in my opinion, the brand with the largest selection of models in different price ranges and with different tasks. From the budget Kugoo S to the monster G series.


It would seem difficult to stand out among the dozens or even hundreds of brands of electric scooters. The market is already divided and there is no point in trying to break into it. This is approximately how the advisors of Neoline company used to say about radar-detectors and combo-devices. The company has now become the technological leader and one of the leaders in sales of these devices in Russia. It's the same story with electric scooters. It turned out that in order to stand out, it is enough to refuse to buy standard Chinese models. And to develop our own machines, well thought-out from the get-go, intelligently tuned up, and well assembled. "Suddenly" it turned out that the large 10-inch and wide 2.8-inch tubeless wheels for a soft ride over the bumps, high ground clearance, design without protruding wires and many other pluses - somehow and not particularly seen in the competition. Neoline immediately took advantage of it. It should be noted that the company is extremely thoughtful about each model - which is why the debut lineup in 2020 was only 4 models, and in the fresh series in 2020 - and even three.


Ninebot in its current form is the result of a merger between Segway Inc. (an American manufacturer of personal electric vehicles, founded in 1999) and a private Chinese company Ninebot (founded in 2013). The company is famous for segways and monocars, and since 2017 it has been producing electric scooters. Models of the experienced developer are in high demand in Russia, which is growing like crazy. While in 2019-2020 there were no more than 10,000 searches for Ninebot electric scooters in Yandex, in the spring of 2021 the figures have exploded to almost 25,000 and, apparently, do not think to stop.


"Halten scooters seemed to be gaining popularity with users, but very quickly the hype wore off," wrote detractors in early 2020. The result was a peak of 4,000 searches in the late spring of 2020 and nearly doubled to 7,800 searches by the summer of 2021. The models are claimed to be designed in Germany, but whether that's true is an open question. Personally, I was pleased with the brand's compact lineup of a dozen models, from the very kids with 3.5 km/h to the speed machine with 70 km/h.

The best models of electric scooters 2022
Today there is a wide range of such devices on the market. To choose the most suitable for yourself, it will be useful to get acquainted with the most interesting and popular models.



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