LED Professional Symposium + Expo

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LED Professional Symposium or LpS is the Europe's leading lighting technologies conference and exhibition. Offers, - DESIGN, TESTING and PRODUCTION of lighting systems, controls and equipment. - 1,600+ attendees from 40+ countries, 120+ speakers, 110+ exhibitors. - Strategy/trends, design/engineering and application/solution days with up to 6 parallel conference tracks. - Keynotes, lectures, forums, workshops, panel discussions, exhibition tours. Full paper conference book (700+ pages) of all lectures including presentations download. - Academia & industry contributions in the fields of Human Centric Lighting, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Display/Signage Lighting, Horticultural Lighting, Art/Museum Lighting and Medical Lighting. - Main Topics: Industry & Technology Trends (Markets, Roadmaps, Innovations), Light Sources (LEDs, OLEDs, Lasers), Light Quality (Human Centric Lighting, Visual Perception), Smart/Connected Lighting & IoT - (Drivers, Controls, Sensors, Networks, Security), Components and Modules (Optics, Cooling - Devices, Materials), System Quality & Qualification (Regulations, Standards, Testing), Methodologies (Engineering, Design), and Technologies in Applications. - 1 Scientific Award, 3 LpS Awards, 3 TiL Awards, 1 Best Start-Up Certificate.

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